Trekking in mount abu. Last month, my friens and i arrived to mount abu. We look for trek guide in this area. Alot of people recomend us about charles. We make contact with him, and booked for one day trek. The trek was incredible. The view are very nice, and charles was great. He has very good knowledge, and it was very intresting to hear his opinion about india and mount abu. He also sang with us some very famous song, and make some jokes. I really recomend trekking in this area, and with guide like Charles Guide

Dan  Kovalsky

December 2014

Adhering to the recommendations of the Lonely Planet I and a friend found ourselves in the esteemed company of Charles; the most organised,knowledgeable, compassionate and honest mountain guide in the whole of India! We took a beautiful route across the range passing endemic birds, incredible medicinal plants and exquisite temples to be confronted by breathtakingly spectacular vistas. We watched the sun set amongst the mountains, were hosted for the night by a local family and reluctantly had to descend the following day in time to catch our onward bus. Wish we could have stayed for me these were the best moments of our trip and the whole of 2014! Helen x

Helen Leonie Ward 

January 2015

Pictures from our hike on the tiger track, 8 km. No tigers but two leopards! The guide Charles Guide catch some rare bird - have forgot the names, but hopefully he´ll see this and give me them once again. Beautiful views, nice indian tea made on open fire and good company. I´ll wright more about it later on my blog. It's soon time for take of. Thanks to Incredible India - and specially to all friendly people I've met. I'm blessed! smile emoticon

Inez Abrahamzon & Uall 
January 2015

Mahendra "Charles" guided us through a wonderful day. We really appreciated learning in detail about a wide range of flora and fauna, eating his delicious cooking, and getting to talk to him at length about India and his experiences. The terrain is also beautiful. We highly recommend Mount Abu Trekking!

Hannah De Keijzer


June 2015 

We did a two day trek with Charles.We were welcomed into the home of a india family that lived on the mountain. We helped them make us a great dinner & slept in their house made of cow dung. It was the high light of my one month in India. I highly recommend this trek, I would have trekked for more days if I knew this was an
Thanks Charles!!

Winnie & her friend 


The man you need to meet in My Abu - Mahendra "Charles" Dan - find him in Lonely Planet and let him take you for the most amazing walks. He knows everything there is to know about the flora, fauna and culture of the area and is also great at making tea and sharing his mum's fabulous masala parathas.

Elizabeth Kemp & David 

Scotland 2016 

Andrew and Tance Kerr with Sarah Witchell enjoyed three treks. the first from the radar station, the second from St Mary's School and the third to the Crags. All were wonderful experiences in the footsteps of Tance's ancestors the Giles's. We were able to pose in the same places for photographs replicating the 1930's.   We saw many species of birds: the endemic green avadavar, pigmy woodpecker, peregrine falcon, long legged and honey buzzard also an eagle from above probably a steppe or tawny. Andrew Kerr

Beautiful scenery and the light in the mornings and evenings was spectacular. Charles was amazing, brewing up chai for us all on a camp fire and producing bananas to keep us going. The paths were always interesting and we inhaled the lovely scent scent of the trees. Tance Kerr

Charles has a wealth and depth of knowledge that makes not seeing any bears or leopards bearable! There is SO much to see and experience trekking with Charles including his very good sense of humour and the best chai you'll ever taste with just a hint of mountain wood smoke. Sarah Witchell

U.K 2016 

Chairman of the Sustainable Eel Group and former chairman of Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust

Charles! What a guy. 2 days hiking with someone very in tune with mother earth and willing to show off all her greatest aspects from misty mountain ranges, caves, natural streams to the finest spot to enjoy a vibrant sunset accompanied by some of charles' splendid soulful food. We stayed overnight with an amazing family that couldn't have been any more hospitable. I'l most certainly be back for more! Blessings and love xx

Smiley Scott & Lucy Marvel 
Australia July 2016 

I just completed a two day, one night trek with Charles. A wonderful escape from the noise and disturbance of the city, led by a capable and knowledgeable guide. Charles is a lovely fellow who is eager to ensure you enjoy the hills as much as he does: his concern is second to none. He bears an obvious love for the region and all its life, and is involved in the community far beyond his business. Following the trek - which involved beautiful vistas, gentle meadows, rocky outcrops, a school visit, and overnighting in a local village - he was even so kind as to drive me to the bus stand after allowing me to change at his family's house. Top-notch service, and an outing not to be missed in Mt. Abu.

Chris Johnson
Canada 19th September 2016  

My partner and I did an overnight trek with Charles - the trek scenery was stunning, Charles a very knowledgeable and supportive guide and the overnight stay in the village was really interesting. Would highly recommend.

Elizabeth Minor & Tom 
United Kingdom 19th September 2016 

A really beautiful trekk, amazing discoveries with a so friendly guide. Thank you for everything Charles, and keep make trekkeurs happy 

France 1st October 2016


  1. thanks for a great day Charles. Perfect guide - funny, kind, intelligent. Fantastic English. One of the best Birmingham accents in the whole of Rajasthan! Good German and French ones too!

  2. We had a really fabulous half day trek with Carles.He is incredibly knowledgeable about the local countryside and made a great guide.We wished we had found him sooner so we could have arranged a whole day trek

    1. Greetings from Charles. Thank you so much for the feedback. Are you on F.B page. Please have a look on F.B page Mount Abu Trekking

      Many thanks

  3. Charles is a fun, informative and generally fanastic guide. We had an amazing day. We trekked, we ate great food that he made on a fire, and we swam in a beautifully clean lake which i didn't know was there, despite visiting Abu for 25 years. Can't recommend him highly enough. Get out of the towns and temples and explore the beautiful countryside of Abu!!

  4. Georgie Anstey16 August, 2016 23:33

    Had the most incredible afternoon trekking, learnt so much thanks to our very knowledgeable and friendly guide Charles. The view at the top was definitely the highlight of my trip to India, can't recommend this enough!

  5. With my girlfriend, we did a half-day trek in Mount Abu's mountains (more wasn't really possible because of the monsoon) with Mahendra "Charles". He brought us through a beautiful forest to one of the mountain's heights, where we had the chance to catch a glimpse of the other surrounding mountains. Among Charle's qualities : gentle, generous, spiritual, and a fine "connaisseur" of the plants, trees... He was born there and has a strong connection to this place. So, if you go to Mount Abu, don't hesitate to call him for a trek !

  6. Roaming into unforgettable sunset
    Even though we didn't have too much time left before sunset Charles managed to take us on an unforgettable adventure hike in an utmost eerie scenery. Charles is a very knowledgeable and reliable tour guide and will answer you any question regarding wildlife and everything in and around Mt Abu.
    Karim Akerma and Ada Rohde (Hamburg/Germany), March 2017

  7. Thankful for a review... Danke schön

  8. We had a exellent trip to the highest peak of Rajastan. What a great experience! Charles brought even a blanket for us to sit on top of the mountain, such a care for detail.
    He arranges everything in detail. Even when we could not get money from the local ATM's he borrowed us money, that later we transferred to his account. So, trustworthy indeed! His english is exellent too!

    1. Bart from Holland.

      Thanks for feedback.

  9. We have had the fantastic oppertunity to hike at Mount Abu in India for 2 days together with the very skilled guide Charles from Mount Abu Trekking.. The 2 day hike organized by Charles was fantastic with very nice landscapes, interesting meetings with local people, nice overnight stay in a peasant family at the top of Mount Abu and great foods.
    Charles knows very well everything about local history, the history of India, birds, animals and plants. During the hike Charles prepared excellent lunches and dinners with local raw material. We learned a little bit of the true India. People like Charles will make India an even greater place.
    It is nice to to know, that you can find very high standards of guiding and hiking in this very beautiful Mount Abu Area, especially as I am an Tour Operator in Sweden/Italia (
    Best Regards
    Måns Hallqvist

  10. Nous avons fait un treck de deux jours avec Charles. Tout s'est organisé hyper rapidement car nous avons changé nos plans le jour même, merci à Charles de l'aide apporté pour la réservation du taxi et de l'hôtel.
    Nous ne pouvons que recommander ce guide. Il aide sa communauté en proposant ces trecks. Il a un anglais parfait, un grand savoir sur la faune et la flore de ses montagnes. Nous sommes enchantés d'avoir pu partagé cette expérience grâce à lui.
    Merci ��☀��
    A savoir nous avons dormi dans un village sans électricité, ni eau courante, ne vous attendez pas à avoir une douche et wc à l'européenne. Tout se passe dehors, donc prévoyez vos propres lingette/papier et petit sac poubelle pour emporter vos déchets avec vous!