About Mount Abu

Rajasthan only hill station 1220 m sight among green forest on the state highest mountain at the southwestern end of the Aravalli Range close to Gujarat border.  Quite unlike anywhere else in Rajasthan, Mt Abu provides Rajasthanis, Gujaratis and steady flow of foreign tourist with respite from scorching temperatures and arid, beige terrain found elsewhere.  It’s particular hit newlywed honeymooners and middle class families from Gujarat.  Mount Abu town sits towards the south west end of plateau – like upper part of mountain, which starches about 19 km from end to end and 6 km east to west.  The town is surrounded by the flora and fauna rich 328 sq km.  Mount Abu sanctuary, which extends over most of the mountain from an altitude 300 m upwards.
The mountain is great of spiritual importance for both Hindis and Jains and has over 80 secret shrines, most exquisite Jain temple at Delwara, built between 400 and 1000 years ago.    

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