Saturday, May 13, 2006

About the Treks

Highlights of the treks include an ayurvedic tour of the healing plants of Mount Abu & seeing the stunning wildlife in a safe manner. Wildlife includes the sloth bear, panther, jackal, hyena mountain dear (sambar) and wild boar. For bird lovers there are many species unique to this region, including the Grey Jungle Fowl, Chuckoos, Kingfishers, Flamingos (they are migrating from Siberia) and Owls.
The treks range from an easy 3-4 hour walk, a half day moderate trek, an all day adventure and an overnight trek where you can sleep in the caves that the "Rishis" (holy men) used to meditate in. The views are stunning and the experience is very spiritual for many travellers.
On the treks I will also give you the history of Mount Abu and the region. Learn about the festivals and religions of Rajasthan from a local. I will do my best to satisfy your needs. I cook pure vegeterian food and can accommodate special diets. After your meal relax with fresh chai or ayurvedic tea. Sample local seasonal fruits like chiku, ber, pomegranate, wild blackberries and mangos.