Sunday, November 06, 2016

A mountain gataway

It's midmorning and are resting on a large rock from which the valley can be seen below. It is a flat and fertile land, not very extensive, with wheat fields, palm trees, herds of buffalo. In the center is a tiny village, an ancient and isolated, which is only accessible on foot along a forest road.
We have dawned very early to be here. And we had to climb a short but intense cost to enjoy these views. You will not hear a noise, which is a welcome development. We had a chai that Charles just prepared in a makeshift fogatilla. We chatted about the nature and the dangers that lurk on religion and life, about our stories and expectations. It is one of those magical moments that sometimes occur. A travel gift.
We are in a unique nature reserve in Rajasthan, where they live from bears to leopards and crocodiles. The monkeys even they can see the road coming into town. Charles is a native of the area, and a sincere passion for nature, which has managed to make a living as a guide . It can be understood that, without knowing the place, and wildlife of this caliber, we decide to step out of our usual budget count on your help. Beyond this, it is to be an honest, interesting and funny guy, with whom we had a great morning.
Mount Abu for we find that little bit of peace we were looking for, and requires a bit away from the asphalt.And gift, one of those unexpected pearls that affords you the trip.
Paco & Maria Spain