Sunday, April 20, 2014

The villages around Mount Abu

A nomad's campsite
The villages around Mount Abu are a snapshot in time. People still live in the traditional manner growing their own food and producing Rajasthani traditional shoes and clothes. Special features include the Rajasthan sand pot, the Marvadi turban, and corn chapatis and curries that are delicious to eat. Houses are still standing from the 13th century. Ghee is still churned by hand, and wheat is picked and milled freshly for the renowned Rajasthan roti. Mustard is grown for oil and for seeds. Many children will follow you around and play. A heart warming experience.
However these villages are often trapped in a cycle of poverty. Children are malnourished, contact with the outside world is limited and it is impossible for villagers to directly sell their produce. For the villages we visit, the treks provide an additional source of income for things like new wells and education.

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